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Lemon seed and Parsley Soy Tart Clamshell


Freshly squeezed lemons mingling with a hint of just picked parsley leaves. 

Tart melts are a fun way to sample a scent and to add a different fragrance to a room each day. Made to fit your warmer : ).. Wanna change it up?..Just cool the tart, pour back into the container and pop a new tart in! 

Reasons to love our soy tarts:

* Artisan made with soy grown here in the USA

* Soy wax is Chemical & Synthetic Fillers free (giving you a clean burn)

* Biodegradable-Sustainable-Renewable 
* Super easy to clean! Just use warm water with a little soap and it should wipe right up.

Each of our clamshells hold 3 oz of scented goodness.