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  • All Natural Facial and Hair Serum


    Treat your skin daily to the hydration it needs.
    It IS your face after all. 
    Our Facial and hair serum is Loaded with skin loving nutrients- made with hemp seed oil, hazelnut oil, apricot kernel oil, grape seed oil, Lavender+ tea tree essential oils and infused with calendula.
    Each of these oils are excellent for facial and hair care and easily absorbed (meaning you aren't slathering on heavy oils that will clog your pores!). 

    Apply our natural and vegan friendly all natural Facial and Hair Serum shamelessly to feel the difference.

    I created this facial moisturizer for myself originally. Having fair and sensitive skin nearly my entire life I had battled for far too long to find a moisturizer that didn't cause extra breakouts. 
    So after experimenting with different oils and ingredients this is the formula i came up with. I never feel greasy or dry and flaky when using this. 

     1 oz artisan facial and hair serum in a glass bottle with a treatment pump.
    *In recyclable packaging 
    *made from scratch

    What you're NOT getting in LHC products:
    ***A premade base
    ***A factory made serum 
    ***skin harming ingredients

    Lola's Handcrafted products are NEVER animal tested. We only tested on  eager friends and family :)