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  • All Natural Facial Toner


    Part of a perfect skin care regimen and cruelty free/vegan friendly.
    Cleanse, tone + Moisturize for fabulous skin :) 

    Spray L.H.C's toner onto a cotton ball or pad, across your t-zone, or your forehead and nose. These are the oiliest spots and will benefit most from toners. Lightly brush it on your cheeks as well as other areas that may be oily. Stay away from any dry areas, as the astringent can dry them out even further. Let your skin dry before applying a moisturizer or makeup.Made with a blend of essential oils, witch hazel, aloe vera, distilled water and vinegar.

    *In recyclable packaging 
    *made from scratch

    What you're NOT getting in LHC products:
    ***A premade base
    ***A factory made product
    ***skin harming ingredients

    Our products are NEVER animal tested..only tested on eager friends and family :)