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  • Cranberry Chutney Soy Candle

    Freshly peeled oranges, spiced cranberries with ginger, apple slices and a dash of cinnamon make our delightfully festive Cranberry Chutney scent. 
    Our 8 oz handcrafted candles are made with 100% natural soy wax, a cotton wick, phthalate free fragrance and are packaged in an reusable jar. 

    Why we love soy wax:
    * Soy wax is Chemical & Synthetic Fillers free (giving you a clean burn)
    * Biodegradable-Sustainable-Renewable 
    * Super easy to clean! Just use warm water with a little soap and it should wipe right up.

    ***We recommend allowing the entire candle surface to melt your first time burning each candle as this will ensure a longer burning/lasting candle for you.

    ***Please Follow caution and care instructions on bottom of candle