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  • Litsea Cubeba and Lavender All natural Deodorant


    Made with essential oils our Litsea Cubeba & Lavender all natural deodorant is a lovely citrus, lavender blend and will keep those underarms nice and smooth.

    This is the deodorant I use daily and I've gotta tell ya, when i first decided to go all natural for deodorant I had my doubts...I was used to using the super strong stuff. I read info online on making the change and found that i should give my underarms approximately 2 weeks to adjust to the change; so i did that and I'd say for me it took about a week to a week and a half (not quite two weeks). It's such a rich yet firm deodorant that there have been times I've used it to shave my underarms with while running out the door and still have silky smooth underarms :). I LOVE this stuff and I truly think you will too!

    What you're NOT getting in LHC's deodorant
    NO Aluminum 
    NO Parabens
    NO premade base
    NO skin harming ingredients
    NO Preservatives
    NO Phthalates :)

    LHC's luxurious Deodorant won't stop sweating like those yucky deodorants made with aluminum powder and parabens..Instead the clay, wax and butters work to create a natural odor and wetness barrier on your skin.

    What others are saying :)
    "This deodorant works great! I am incredibly happy with this product. No baking soda so it didn't burn my pits, and highly effective." Rose (CA)