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  • Speakeasy Soaking Salts

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    Unwind and enjoy a relaxing bath. Our soaking salts are a 16 oz. blend of Sea salt, epsom salt, kaolin clay, fragrance, earl grey tea, dried lavender, pink Himalayan sea salt and dried jasmine. All packaged in a plastic, heat sealed zip pouch perfect for reuse and safe to be near a tub. Each pack of our soaking salts come with a reusable plastic scoop. 

    Speakeasy is Sultry and sophisticated. A blend of rustic amber with bold Parisian Lavender. With a hint of mysterious black myrrh, dulcet vanilla tonka bean and a splash of Egyptian musk. 

    Bath salts have been known to:

    -Remove impurities and toxins from your body.

    -Ease stress and improve your sleep and concentration

    -Help nerves and muscles function properly

    -Reduce inflammation hence reducing pain and muscle cramping

    - Rid your skin of dead cells which may soften and appear more radiant + youthful

                                                                                     -Moisturize your skin

                                                                                        -Provide Relaxation

    Our Soaking Salts cost much less than spa treatments which can range from $40-200+ PER SESSION!

       You can use them as frequently as you desire or when you need them the most. All while in the comfort of your own home                      or while you travel…because you never know when you’re going to need a moment of relaxation.